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Welcome to Expresso FX.

At Expresso FX we aim to produce pedals of the highest quality for guitar and bass players to enjoy.  Every single product we make is 100% handmade; we even drill the enclosures ourselves!  This allows us to be extremely flexible with what we make, and enables us to customise our products to suit our customers' requirements.

Our focus is on producing tools of the highest quality with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the components.  We mainly specialise in reporoducing vintage designs with rare and highly sought after components.


We are very happy to introduce a new addition to our line of products; Silicon Fuzz.  The pedal has the same circuit as Germanium Fuzz but with silicon transisors.  It produces edgier fuzz tones with more gain on tap.  The pedal is loaded with NOS components and can be fitted with either NOS Toshiba BC183 or NOS Philips CV10806 (BC109).

Dispatch and Shipping

Please note that although we aim to have a few of the popular products in stock at all times, occasionally demand increases faster than expected and items will be made to order.  This, consequently, might cause some delays in fullfilling orders.  Orders are normally dispatched within 3-5 working days, unless stated otherwise above in the page.  You can also enquire prior to ordering and we will be more than happy to provide you with an approximate waiting time.

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