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Custom Products

This section shows some of the products that were made to order and are not normally available in our standard product line.  If you are interested in these products or need to further customise any of our existing products, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to discuss your needs.

4-Loop Pedal Switcher with Integrated Buffer (£129)

This is a 4-Loop switcher for controlling pedals on a pedalboard.  Each loop is true bpass.  The switcher also has a high quality integrated and switchable buffer that runs first in the signal chain.  The pedal is completely handwired using premium silver plated wire and silver-based solder.  the jacks are all premium Cliff UK.  Dimensions 254 x 70 x 50mm (WxDxH).

Dual Fuzz Pedal (£149)

This is two fuzz pedals in one.  The right side is our Germanium Fuzz with AC125 ransistors, and the left side is our Fuzz Bender with AC128 transistors.  Although the circuits are the same as our standard pedals, the components in use are all high quality but new production, apart from the transistors which are NOS Tungsram.

Each side of the pedal has its own controls plus an external bias knob.  The unit is bypassable with the right footswicth, whereas the left footswitch selects which circuit is active when the pedal is on.  A lot was crammed into this small enclosure and it's a great way of saving space on the pedalboard while having two very disctinctive circuits.

Pedalboard Interface for Dual Amp Setup (£129)

This is a very handy pedalboard interface that is ideal for a dual-amp setup.  The signal is actively split for driving two seperate amps simultaneously without any tone loss.  It also allows easy interfacing with one amp's effects loop as well as two separate signal chains.  This interface can be custom ordered in a variety of settings, with multiple buffer circuits if required.

Buffered Pedalboard Interface (£99)

This is a pedalboard interface that offers a buffered input and output, as well as a loop for connecting different pedals and a tuner output.  This box is quite useful for driving a long chain of effects without tone suck.  A very handy piece of kit.

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