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Fuzz Bender

Our Fuzz Bender is a faithful recreation of the Tone Bender MkII Professional.  This is an immaculate reproduction of a classic pedal, but with a few tweaks for performance and reliability improvements.  The performance of these pedals relies on two essential things; careful selection of premium quality components and fine tuning of the final build, and this is exactly what our focus is on.  We have sourced an amazing stock of rare and highly sought after NOS components; some amazing NOS Philips capacitors, NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, and an array of top grade NOS Mullard germanium transistors.

We follow our same tradition of extreme attention to detail when putting these pedals together.  Every component used is of the highest quality, with absolutely no compromise.  The circuit is also housed in a high quality large aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated to our exact specification.


  • Large Hammond enclosure (1590P1) professionally powder coated in Grey Hammerite finish.  These are very durable and absolutely gorgeous enclosures.
  • Hand selected NOS Mullard transistors.  We can fit these pedals with the following NOS transistors:
    • Mullard OC75 as used in the original units.  These sound outstanding and are a perfect match for this circuit.  The general sound is a little agressive and very cutting.
    • Mullard OC84 are softer and smoother in comparison to OC75, but sound equally refined.  These are also a perfect match for the circuit, and are more for the players who like the overall MkII sound but prefer a more rounded sound.
  • NOS Mullard "Mustard" C296 polyester capacitors.
  • Philips electrolytic capacitors.
  • NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.
  • Genuine Vero stripborad 0.15” pitch.
  • Premium Cliff UK jacks.
  • Alpha 24mm potentiometers.
  • Premium 22 AWG solid core Silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation, for superior signal transmission.
  • Audio-grade shielded wire.
  • Lead free, Silver-based solder.
  • True bypass.
  • Fully hand wired.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Dimensions: 153 x 82 x 50 mm (W x D x H).
Fuzz Bender

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Customer Comments

Derr (Lone Tree, USA) - Fuzz Bender “Mojo Edition” (Mullard OC84)

I've been using the Fuzz Bender since Saturday and found it to be a most remarkable pedal! The effect produces exactly the fuzz tones I was looking for with zero undesired noise. It's also amazingly responsive to guitar volume control roll off. You really hit the sweet spot on the bias adjustment. The pedal in general and the OC84s in particular surpassed my already high expectations!



Phil (St. Louis, USA) - Fuzz Bender “Mojo Edition” (Mullard OC84 with External Bias Pot)

After playing the Fuzz Bender I can say that it's exactly what I was looking for.  There's a lot of fuzz available, but it always remains articulate and dynamic; and the clean-up, even on maximum, is exceptional.  The fuzz itself is rich, both its thick texture and in its harmonic content.  There are lots of shades available just by varying pick attack and guitar volume settings.  I know a lot of these things are kind of cliché--like saying an overdrive is transparent.  Nevertheless, they're true of the Fuzz Bender and make it a special pedal.

I played an OC75 tone bender replica once and I prefer the OC84s in your Fuzz Bender.  Your description of the difference is spot on and was very helpful in deciding which to choose.  With the OC84s, the fuzz is still aggressive and has that great midrange one wants from a tone bender. And I like how it's a little smoother and tube-like, as you said, which gives it a nice warmth.  I also prefer the bass frequencies with these transistors (I don't know if it has more bass than the OC75s, changes the nature of the fuzz's thickness, etc.; I'm having trouble describing it.  The point is that I like it.

I also like that the range of the bias is limited so that the knob is not hyper-sensitive.

Thanks for a great product and service!

All the best,



Paul (Newcastle, UK) - Fuzz Bender “Mojo Edition” (Mullard OC84 with External Bias Pot)

Right I've given the pedal a whirl, I think it's incredible, fabulous, amazing. It is quieter than my Fulltone 69 Fuzz Face. It is voiced perfectly meaning the treble strings sound as well as the bass strings. No noise, buzzing or anything. An amazing range cleaning up well. I now always put a fuzz into a modern overdrive pedal because that is just like putting it straight into an overdriven amp. It is an absolutely perfect Zeppelin tone and because you are using all NOS components I can be absolutely sure that it IS THE SOUND. So overall I am really delighted with the pedal, it's much better than DAM/SolaSound stuff I think. I'll probably be back for more stuff, we'll see, I've got loads of stuff already.

Thanks again.


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