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Germanium Fuzz

Our Germanium Fuzz is a classic fuzz pedal reminiscent of those made in the 1960s.  The pedal produces very desirable fuzz tones with all the nuances that germanium transistors are known for.  The circuit interacts very well with the guitar's volume pot, and goes from a cleanish tone (depending on the selected transistors) to full blown disctortion just by working your guitar volume.

We have sourced an amazing stock of rare and highly sought after NOS components; some amazing NOS Philips capacitors, NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, and an array of top grade NOS Mullard and Newmarket germanium transistors.  Our Germanium Fuzz takes you ever so close to the mojo of vintage units.

We follow our same tradition of extreme attention to detail when putting these pedals together.  Every component used is of the highest quality, with absolutely no compromise.  The circuit is also housed in a high quality aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated to our exact specification.


  • High quality aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated in Blue Hammerite finish.  These are very durable and absolutely gorgeous enclosures.
  • NOS Tungsram, Mullard, or Newmarket transistors.  We can fit these pedals with the following NOS transistors:
    • Tungsram AC125 are very good sounding NOS transistors.  This is the most affordable option we offer, but nevertheless these transistors make a very good sounding fuzz pedal.  The cleanup is OK but not as good as the other options.
    • NKT275 are excellent and very articulate transistors with good cleanup.  Please note that these are NOS but are of the skinny case type and probably not made by Newmarket.  We have a small, hand selected, quantity of these in stock.
    • Mullard CV7005 are very close sounding to Newmarket NKT275.  Excellent transistors in this circuit; warm and very classy with very good cleanup.
    • Newmarket CV7007 are low gain but sound really fantastic.  Less fuzzy than the other options, but just as refined in sound quality.  These are more for players who prefer a very well behaved fuzz pedal with amazing cleanup.
    • ​Mullard OC42 are very nice sounding transistors with extremely low leakage.  These are ideal in a fuzz circuit, and have a slightly widened frequency response with a decent amount of gain.
  • NOS Philips moulded metallised polyester capacitors "Mepolesco" type.  These are the exact same ones used in the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face.
  • Philips electrolytic capacitors.
  • NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.
  • Genuine Vero stripborad 0.15” pitch.
  • Premium Cliff UK jacks.
  • Alpha 16mm potentiometers.
  • Premium 22 AWG solid core Silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation, for superior signal transmission.
  • Audio-grade shielded wire.
  • Lead free, Silver-based solder.
  • True bypass.
  • Fully hand wired.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Dimensions: 121 x 66 x 40 mm (W x D x H).
Germanium Fuzz

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Mod Options (Germanium Fuzz)

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Customer Comments

Mark (Glasgow, UK) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 with an external bias knob)


I have had a chance to play around with the fuzz. I am very happy with it and although I am unable compare it with your standard series I am glad that I shelled out the extra cash. The build quality is excellent, very tidy handywork inside and the battery clip is a nice touch, it sounds great, very refined, nice note seperation and responds well to playing dynamics. All Fuzz Face cliches but true.

I love Fuzz Faces/clones and have several its all I ever use, guitar>fuzz>amp. I struggled to make my mind up between the Mullard OC42 or Mullard CV7005 when purchasing but am happy with my choice, I can always buy the OC42 later on.

All the best,



Christian (Ingolstadt, Germany) 2x Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition”  (Mullard CV7005 and Mullard OC42, both with an external bias knob)

I have received the pedals yesterday, they arrived good and sure! :)

The pedals... Wow!!! I'm really impressed! They sound incredible, even better than I expected. I liked the pedal demos but with my equipment... I love them!!! :)  The cleanup is amazing with humbucker's and P90's.

You did an incredible job! Thank you very very much, I'm really happy!!! :)

Best regards,



Stefan (Köln, Germany) 2x Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 and Newmarket CV7007, both with an external bias knob)
The pedals did arrive yesterday... and both are absolutely stunning!
First opening the boxes I was really impressed how nice and rugged they appear.  As usual I opened them first and - the battery is already inside - really nice. The construction seems extremely well built, everything's really accurate.
I tested the CV7007 at home on low volume with a Tweed deluxe w/5881s somewhat clean and was really impressed by the dynamics. As we wrote before, for me it's all about clean up and that I can control rhythm vs. lead sound with the guitar's volume. This worked perfectly, even at lower volumes and of course the pedal's output all the way up and fuzz nearly all the way up.
Today at rehearsal with my blues band I tried the CV7005 at "band volume" with a low power tweed twin - exactly what I hoped for. Great dynamics, useable full bodied clean sounds even on the strat's middle position and with a twist on the guitar's volume pot a thick saturated yet clearly defined lead sound. Me (and I hope the rest of the band too) happy :-)
I had lots of experience with pedals so although this might be a so called "honeymoon review" I think I can judge immediately what will work for me, and I' m really looking forward to play them more. So at the moment I really don't see any need to tweak anything.
Thanks again for your nice advice and all the best.
Maybe till next time ;)
Best regards,


David (Portland, USA) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 with an external bias knob)

The pedal is awesome. Took a little bit to learn how to use it, but now it's definitely a keeper. Makes my guitar volume so much more useful. Really diggin' it. Thanks for the awesome service and product guys. Will definitely recommend.



Malcolm (Manchester, UK) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 with an external bias knob)

The Mojo edition Germanium fuzz pedal arrived super quick, just tried it through my Princeton Reverb with a Zendrive after the fuzz, it sounded really good, I then turned the bias pot to about 2.00 rather than 12.00 and it completely blew me away, what a sound, cleans up fantastically too.

Thanks for a great fuzz.



Steven (Erpe-mere, Belgium) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 with an external bias knob).

I was looking for a vintage style Germanium fuzz and I'm so glad I found this company. Hand wired with the highest attention to detail that've ever seen. Big germanium vintage fuzz tones with remarkable cleanup. Got the low gain Mullard CV7005 and I love them, With the volume on the guitar you go from perfect clean to light OD to just face melting fuzz without even touching the pedal. Great job!


Anthony (Rochester, UK) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005 with an external bias knob).


I have been meaning to send you a message for a while. Just to let you know how happy I am with the pedal, from opening of the box with the cloth bag, sticker and professional packing, the pedal looks spot on. I could bang on about how and with what combination of amps and other pedals etc but in a nutshell I’m comparing this with a couple of vintage Fuzz’s that I sold a while back because I preferred the money I sold them for, early model Fulltone 69 and AnalogMan your pedal is up there with these and for the price is way in front. I will leave it there but just to say thank you and keep up the good work.

Kind regards



Martyn (Farnham, UK) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard OC42).

Just received your beautiful fuzz pedal. Amazing, just totally amazing. At last a fuzz pedal that sounds exactly as I wanted. Many thanks!


Christy (Leeds, UK) Germanium Fuzz “Mojo Edition” (Mullard CV7005).

I've been able to have a good play with the fuzz pedal today - it's really awesome. I'm so pleased with it, thank you.

I can't really crank up my 59 Bassman at home unfortunately. I can just get it going enough to get an impression of what it will be like when it's cooking. It sounds really great, even at that volume.

I initially found that it was a tiny bit dark (really nitpicking tbh), I've now found that putting my klone after it (as a buffer) lifts the highs perfectly. It cleans up great, and I find myself playing further into the fuzz than I thought I would. It's a very inspiring sound, and I can disappear off and get lost in it very easily. Can't wait to get it on full whack : )

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